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Why YOUR Business Needs a Website!

Kiwi Enterprise NC Chief Executive Officer

Quite a few business owners lack the knowledge in what a website for their business could do for them in the long run. Not only is that what the world is moving to because of the growing need for online presence, but it makes the search for the many services needs, that much easier to find.

It's perfectly fine to question this theory of spending hard earned money on a website, but you are honestly making a sure investment in your own business. Instead of receiving those countless phone calls about the services you offer, why not have it listed on a well-built site that your customers can be directed to.

Alright, I know you're probably still thinking, "why do I need a website?" Well, as you know, the Internet reaches and connects billions of people on a daily bases and at all times of the day. While your office may be closed an no one there to answer those questions you would in person, your website would still be accessible to provide them that information they may have been searching for.

Recently reading a blog post from Peter Visser on this very topic, it intrigued me to inspire other businesses who are looking for a way to truly expand their reach. He goes on to mention 21 reasons on "Why Do I Need a Website?" If you have a chance, give that a read, but I'll touch on some below.

Four reasons to think about considering a business website from the blog by Peter was:

1.) "Online Brochure"

You are able to use a website in so many ways and those old brochures you're use to spending money on to get printed, can be added to your website. This essentially helping to eliminate some costs for the company.

2.) "More Customers"

As mentioned above, there are billions of people who use the Internet on a daily basis. Whether you're offering auto detailing services to an online store selling products, you can get connected a lot quicker with potential clients through your website.

3.) "Time to Show Off"

Yes, you can show off all the hard work you put into getting your business where it is today. This is also similar to having an online portfolio (showing your work) because all of your work is there and your customers have an easy reference right at their finger tips, literally.

4.) "24 Hours a Day"

I believe this is my favorite. As previously stated, your website runs 24 hours a day! Yes, while you're sleeping, people, thousands of people, can be learning about your company without you even having to do anything. So sleep tight my friend, because they'll call/visit you during office hours.

Those were just a few of the reasons, but they are some very thought provoking reasons, to say the least. I'm sure you are convinced by now, so let's see about getting you a website TODAY!

~Kiwi Enterprise NC LLC~

"Creating your vision and turning it into a "Kiwi" sensation!"


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