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Website Management:

Not sure how to make a website for your business? This service involves Kiwi Enterprise providing expertise in creating a website and most importantly, allowing you to be involved throughout the process. Even better, we'll manage the site for you once it's created and add/remove as you see fit.

  • Prices Starting at: $300 (new website) and $70/Month to Manage

Social Media Marketing:

Ever felt as if your business isn't attracting enough attention? This service involves Kiwi Enterprise being involved with your companies social media advertising. What this service will do is draw your companies targeted audience to your website, social media pages, or even your physical site location.

  • Prices Starting at: $200/Month


Just launched your website or simply want to update the look of things and need pictures taken to add to it? Yes, we do that as well! This service will involve Kiwi Enterprise taking/editing pictures of your choosing. Go ahead and check out our photography page and you can make the decision. 

  • Prices Starting at: $50 for a 1 Hour Photo Shoot

Consultation of Services:

We, here at Kiwi Enterprise, understand that there may just be a simple question about our services or pricing, so feel free to contact us at any time. You can click the link below or visit our contact page. 

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